Black Goddess Legacy of the Sacred Feminine Book Cover

The Goddess Emerges

The book is finally ready!

The paperback and Kindle E-Book versions of Black Goddess Legacy of the Sacred Feminine will be released on December 21, 2021.

Black Goddess Legacy is an artistic and literary exploration of Black female spirituality throughout world history, mythology, and religion.

Black Goddess Legacy contains a unique collection of exposition, art, quotes, anecdotes, cultural references, poetry, and little-known black history regarding the ancient world’s ubiquitous Mother Goddess.

BGL will initially be released as a Deluxe Edition, which is actually two books combined in one!

Black Goddess Book II: The Book of the Sun covers the history and mythology of the real Amazon warriors and Sybil Oracles! The Book of the Sun also contains “The Curious Case of the Missing Mother,” a controversial investigation and expose’ regarding the identity, and eventual erasure of the Mother Goddess from religion.

Black Goddess Book I: The Book of the Mother, covers more than 34 Goddesses from across the ancient world, from Africa, and America, to Asia, Greece, Rome, Japan, Hawaii, and more!

You can Pre-Order the Kindle edition of Black Goddess Legacy of the Sacred Feminine today!